An extraordinary treatment that visibly REJUVENTES, FIRMS AND SHAPES your skin. KRF uses a Capacitive Radiofrequency system lower than 1MHz which is particularly suitable for application on soft, vascularized or water-rich tissue. The transducers that emit a capacity frequency are isolated and do not transmit the current directly on the area of skin to be treated, hence ensuring
that the treatment is totally safe. Extraordinary results are obtained in maximum safety. High- result performance with an action that stimulates the activity of the fibroblasts, leading to the new collagen and elastin production, skin tightening and cell regeneration the KRF treatment ensures visible results from the very first session. We recommended three treatments at 4-weekly intervals.

What are the benefits?

Skin Rejuvenation
Stimulates the fibroblast helping improve the elasticity and permeability of the tissue.
Firms, strengthens, and tightens the skin, reorganizing the structure of the elastic fibres.
Treats loss of volume, fine lines, firms skin surface, increases hydration, reverses the signs of ageing.
Promotes cell renewal of the epidermis.
 Provides visible results in just a few sessions.

Keramos Radio Frequency Price

KRF Full Face  $300 |  50 min

KRF Neck  $225 | 15 min

KRF Decolletage  $250 | 20 min