EPM MesoSkinfusion therapy

Our EPM MesoSkin™ Mesotherapy, Refining & Infusion system is the latest treatment in skin rejuvenation which is painless, non-invasive and needle free. This technology has been developed as an alternative to traditional skin needling. The MesoSkin™ treatment means zero trauma, zero blood and exceptional results. 

How does EPM MesoSkin™ Mesotherapy works?

EPM MesoSkin™ is a needle free Mesotherapy treatment, utilising a combination of Electroporation and innovate laser trimming Transdermal microchip technology.  The combined technology increases the permeability of the cell membrane to non-invasively introduce vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and brightening serums to achieve desired penetration effect of active ingredients to the dermis. Cell absorption is improved by up to 85%.

Pricing Table

EPM Meso Skin Infusion Therapy

EPM Meso Skin Single Treatment 5 ml

$ 250 60 min


EPM Meso Skin Infusion Therapy can be designed and priced upon consultation.

+ Decolletage |Neck| Hands| from $50

+LED Phototherapy| $45

EPM Meso Skin PackageX3 5ml

eX3 5ml $ 600


  • Visible skin renewal
  • Accelerating cells metabolism
  • Radiant, smooth, and purified skin for a refreshed look
  • Treats fine lines, loss of volume, firms skin surface, reduces pore size, refines skin surface, increases hydration, lightens pigmentation, reverses the signs of ageing.
  • Assists to regrow head hair, making it perfect for clients suffering from menopausal hair loss.
  • No blood, zero trauma, comfortable and painless
  • Cell absorption is improved by up to 85%